Ride Remodel is a certified installer for Ceramic Pro Marine.

Ceramic Pro coatings, are transparent liquids containing nano-ceramic components. When applied on the surface, the coating cures from air contact, creating an extremely thin protective layer. A special matrix structure of Ceramic Pro improves the hardness of the coating, its resistance to scratches, solvents, acids, alkalies, UV, oxidation and marine growth.

Ceramic Pro Marine protects the surface of any vessel above and below the waterline. Harsh exploitation conditions are a well-known issue for the yachts and boats owners. Creating a protective barrier, Ceramic Pro prevents oxidation of treated surfaces and growth of sea organisms and algae on the bottom.


Why is Ceramic Pro Marine better?

The existing methods of cleaning vessels are expensive and are not safe for environment. Ceramic Pro makes treated surfaces water-repellent, reducing the influence of substances contained in sea water. At the same time the process of cleaning is significantly simplified: no need to pull the ship out of the water or use strong chemicals and solvents.

Unlike waxes or sealants that get quickly washed off, Ceramic Pro Marine forms a permanent bond to the gel coat, which does not delaminate. Once cured, it can NOT be removed by any chemicals.


Protection From Oxidation & Corrosion

The coating will prevent contact of gel coat, paint or metal with air and water, which will protect the surface from oxidation and corrosion. Once cured protective Ceramic Pro coatings can withstand temperatures form -50C to 1200C. Syloxyde contained in the majority of coatings for UV protection is also contained in Ceramic Pro products. It protects paint, gel coatings, rubber and plastic from aging.



Fuel Economy & Max Speed

Passive air cavity created by Ceramic Pro reduces the surface tension and allows reaching higher speeds with lower RPMs and save fuel. A boat coated with Ceramic Pro is the F2 Power Boat Champion of Europe.

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